The BE T&CP was incorporated as a non-profit community theater in 1977. Its 12-member board operates with a President (Lill Robinson), Secretary (Rachel Roverud), and Treasurer (Laurie Christensen).  The board is always on the lookout for “new blood” to become involved. In addition to the officers the following currently serve on the Board of Directors:  Lennie Clement, Mike Ellingsen, Shelly Greimann, Barb Pearson, Brian Roverud, Norma Schmitt, Amanda Steinke, Nancy Steinke, Peter Steinke, and Dan “Boomer” Welder.


BE T&CP is mostly self-sufficient and operates on a small budget compared to the hours of work that go into the productions. The board takes a very active role in the productions.  Show directors are paid and nominal stipends are given to those who work on publicity, set construction, costuming, sound and lighting. Volunteer efforts by the board, cast members, and community are the heart of the organization.


BE T&CP has applied for and is the recipient of an Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant from the Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council to be used for the production of the 2012 season. The ACH fund was created by the people of Minnesota to support the arts and preserve our heritage. The Clean water, Land and Legacy Amendment, passed by the voters in November, 2008, created new resources for land conservation, water conservation, parks and the Arts.

3 thoughts on “History

  1. My favorite “Children of Eden” (2010) memory was when the tornado sirens went off and all ten snake singers, plus the 20-foot long snake, crowded into the Ladies Dressing Room to continue rehearsing until the all-clear.

  2. One of my favorite memories is from “Inspecting Carol” a dinner theater production of 2007.
    I am a crowd filler, do bit parts or walk-ons and I love it, being around all the action is great fun and I never get tired of it.or the people.
    Backstage is usually dark and cramped quarters but it is where the props and quick change costumes are kept ready …. many times to get back on stage in a change of costume between scenes has to be done when the lights are out WITHOUT the aid of curtain closing… fast!
    In times like these we help each other by pulling off someones boots while someone else throws a bathrobe over their head or whatever is needed and twirl them around and send them back out on stage when the lights come up … a changed person.
    It was in on of these totally dark times my character is left on stage (to play dead or whatever) and Norma S. must leave and return redressed … .. I heard the noises and whispers of her getting to her proper entrance spot and of swishing cloth … then it was quiet ….. for a moment …then I heard someone whisper ..”she’s got it on backwards!” I am close to getting the giggles and laughing right out loud when I hear lots of frantic swishing, a few soft grunts and whispers.. a thud as the lights came on and just in time Norma appears looking a little surprised,and all is well.
    Norma is a fun lady and always makes me smile but I can feel the laughter bubbling up when I remember those words … “She’s got it on Backwards”….

  3. Oh, Barb—I’d almost forgotten how much fun that show was. And I got to be in it twice: first as Zora, the director, and the second time as Dorothy Tree-Hapgood, half of the acting team who created “Seething Brains” about the lovers in Shakespeare’s plays. Two great casts and lots of laughs!

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